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Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.
There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

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Hemen Parekh
27 June 2013

Wednesday, 17 November 2004


1.  BSNL Condition

·     BSNL currently provides following SMS based Value Added services :

·     News
·     Finance
·     Entertainment
·     TV Schedule
·     Travel
·     Astrology  etc.

RecruitGuru’s Readiness

·     RecruitGuru offers SMS based Value Added Service of

·     JAM ( Job Alert On Mobile )

2.  BSNL Condition

·     Content Provider would have to extend the latest content for the services on its own short code.

 RecruitGuru’s Readiness

·     By downloading/aggregating job-advts posted on dozens of jobsites, during the “past 24 hours only”, JAM will deliver to the subscribing jobseekers, only the LATEST CONTENT, everyday, day-after-day.

Thus JAM’s job-advt database gets re-created afresh, every 24 hours. Same job-alert ( job-advt ) never gets delivered twice !

We have our own short code 2580


3.  BSNL Condition

·     Content provider would be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the content server on a 27x7x365 basis by dedicated team

RecruitGuru’s Readiness

·     Besides an online web server ( to host our website, www.World-Wide-Jobs.com, )
RecruitGuru has 3 powerful servers, working offline on 24x7x365 basis, for

·     Aggregating job-advts from dozens of jobsites.

·     Datamining and converting job-advts into a structured database.

·     Matching these job-ads with the job-preferences of the jobseekers.

·     Shortlisting matching/relevant jobs for each subscribers (  Mass-Customization )  - and daily delivering upto 5 job-alerts as SMS ( day-after-day) to each subscriber.

4.  BSNL Condition

·     When a jobseeker, clicks “ Apply Online” against any specific job-alert, the server picks up the jobseeker’s resume from database and emails it to the concerned job-advertiser ( employer ) – along with a covering note.

 RecruitGuru’s Readiness

·     We have a dedicated team of  software and networking professionals to look after these processes.

5.  BSNL Condition

·     Regular monitoring and updation of the content services based on market trends, as per customers’ tastes and preferences.

 RecruitGuru’s Readiness

·     On World-Wide-Jobs.com, each subscribing jobseeker, will specify his own UNIQUE       “Job Preferences” ( which, he can of course edit anytime).

RecruitGuru’s Matchmaker software will ensure that, each subscriber’s ( unique ) job-preferences, are matched DAILY with a FRESH  job-advt database, and he will be sent job-alert SMS for only those jobs which perfectly satisfy his preferences –
( Mass – Customization ).

When a subscriber clicks “Apply Online”,  this data will be stored and historical/ statistical trend/pattern will be developed for each subscriber, based on his thousands of clicks. Based on these patterns, Matchmaker will then actually “recommend” specific jobs to a subscriber ( just like Amazon.com recommending books to a frequent buyer.

6.  BSNL Condition

·     The Content Provider would have to arrange the required content alongwith the copyrights at its own cost.

RecruitGuru’s Readiness

·     Of  course, we will provide the content at our own cost-on a revenue sharing basis.

But JAM is not merely a “Content-providing” Service, JAM is an end-to-end APPLICATION/an offline JOBSEARCH SOLUTION !
JAM does not stop at merely delivering a job-alert SMS. What good is a job-alert unless the jobseeker is enabled  to instantly “Apply Online” with a single SEND click on his mobile – the moment he sees/likes a job ? When he does, JAM picks up his resume from its database, and, within minutes, delivers it ( as email ) to the concerned job-advertiser !

No jobsite in the world offers this ULTIMATE CONVENIENCE  to a jobseeker !

7.  BSNL Condition

·     The content Provider would have to arrange the hosting infrastructure for the content at its own cost.

RecruitGuru’s Readiness

·     RecruitGuru has already put into place its own hosting infrastructure and is about to start delivering JAM ( job alerts on mobile ) to the mobile – subscriber of

·     Tata Indicom
·     MTNL
·     Bharti AirTel

8.  BSNL Condition

·     BSNL would provide the content provider the access to its network to facilitate provision of the services and might provide the required Public IP address too.

RecruitGuru’s Readiness

·     To deliver JAM, access to BSNL’s network  is a must – but we have our own IP address.

Hemen Parekh

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