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Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.
There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

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Hemen Parekh
27 June 2013

Wednesday, 25 August 2004



Effects of "Quality" (Relevance)
Effects of "Quantity (Sheer Numbers)
There is no denying the fact that to an individual jobseeker (who registers), quality, relevance of job - alerts is quite important. For him, it is this quality/ relevance, which would differentiate JAM from conducting dozens of job searches on jobsites - which throw up hundreds on irrelevant job - advts on his screen.
But that is provided he "registers". But how do we get him to "register" in the first place?
How do we get thousands to "register" in the first place ?
That is where the QUANTITY (No) of Job - alerts, comes into picture.
Before a person registers, the first thought that courses his mind is,
 “Will I get ANY Job alerts at all? How do I know? What is the guarantee?”
So far, we have nothing on our website that would remove this "doubt" from the mind of a potential Jobseeker!
Remember, what is his experience so far ?
He goes to any jobsites, enters
his "search - criteria" and clicks "SEARCH", and Voila !
He sees, dozens of job - advts in front of his eyes within seconds - (relevant or otherwise !)
But here is an undeniable "proof" of the site's ability to throw - up / deliver jobs ! He is convinced.
Jobsites do NOT have to bend backwards to prove this point.
But, on WWJ, there is no Job search there is no way for him to "KNOW" that there are any jobs at all and that, there will be any job alerts at all !
It is, as if, WWJ is telling him, "You have got to believe me
because I AM SAYING SO ! when I say, you will get job - alerts, can't you trust me ? "
This is in sharp contrast to what he is used to "hear" from other jobsites, which proclaim from root - top,
 "Come On !  Come All !
Job search is free.
We have millions of Jobs.
Test & find out yourself - in a second.
 And to top it all, we charge you nothing to "apply online".
This (competition) means, we will need to convince potential JAM members, that, when they register, they WILL / SHALL get many job alerts,
 And I feel the only way to convince them is to host a page like enclosed.
Each frame will change once in 10 seconds - enough for him to read to SMS and the figs
Obviously, we will show/ display only those jobs where both no’s are respectable.
And these alerts need not be yesterday's only. Initially, these could cover last 10/15 days (if we do not have     enough showing big. No's).
When we have plenty, we can reduce to Yesterday's alerts only.
And, to begin with, you may even enter fictitious/ cooked - up fig's !
Remember that what we are attempting
is to create,
Once jobseekers see such respectable/ large No's and get impressed, they will start registering in thousands !
By that time, you would have also "relaxed" some of your "match - criteria’s", so that would, actually start generating     large no. of job - alert ! That is what we want. Then there will be no need to enter display "fictitious" figure !
Pl. remember, at this stage QUALITY of job alerts is not critical. It is the QUANTITY which is critical - in order to Convince the jobseekers, to register, in the first place! we can always tighten the match - criteria later.
We have to somehow convince the "potentials" that, already, a large no. are benefitting and if they don’t join, they  will get "Left Out" !


Tuesday, 24 August 2004



Thank you for registering on World-Wide-jobs.

The fact that we have received tremendous response is a proof that, “ getting jobs-alerts on mobile ”, is a concept whose time has arrived.

But the benefits you derive depend upon what stage of registration process you have completed ( see attachment ).

If you have left your registration process incomplete, I would  suggest you complete the same, as early as possible. Since you have already got your User ID / Password,   you can log –in and EDIT / SUBMIT any stage.

Incidentally, we have already uploaded the Salary-profile graph and you may want to figure out how does your current salary compare with your Co-professionals.

Please feel free to phone me in case of any difficulty.


Hemen Parekh

Saturday, 21 August 2004


Dear Friend,

We, at BPL Mobile, make you an offer that may well change your life-for better.

For the next 30 days, we will

Ø    Daily send you – as SMS – ten job alerts on your mobile phone – jobs perfectly matched with your needs – jobs posted on leading jobsites during last 24 hours.
Ø    Daily forward your resume – as email – to the job advertisers, against whose job alert, you click “ SEND” from your mobile.
Ø    Instantly get you an acknowledgement – on your mobile – that your resume has been received.

For 30 days, we will give you this service ABSOLUTELY FREE ! No obligation whatsoever.

All that you have to do is, register on  world-wide-jobs.com

Which is our partner website. And once you have registered, forward this email to friends, on  condition of throwing a grand party when each gets a job.

Of course, you will owe them  a party too !

Hemen Parekh