Hi Friends,

Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.
There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

With regards,
Hemen Parekh
27 June 2013

Tuesday, 23 November 2004


Dear Friend,

It took  Albert Einstein many years to prove that ….

“ Light does not travel in a straight line. It bends along the curvature of the Universe and returns to the very point from where it started ”

But it will take YOU only a week to prove that….

“ An SMS, bouncing from one mobile to another mobile, amongst a Universe of friends, returns to the very same mobile from where it started.”

To prove, just bounce the following SMS to your friends :

“  To get daily jobalerts on your mobile, register at World-Wide-Jobs. Bounce this SMS to ten friends and watch it return in 7 days ”

If only Einstein had a mobile,  he would not have taken many years !

With regards

Hemen Parekh


Dear Friend,

When you want a winning number, you need to throw the dice many times, before you succeed.

It is not much different when you want a job – especially if 1500 other jobseekers are also applying (- this is the average, for online recruitment in America).

So, sending your resume against 5 job-advts in a month is, simply not good enough. Your chance of getting a job improves dramatically when you send your resume against 100 job-advts every month.

But only 100 “relevant” job-advts, which perfectly match your “job-preferences”.

To find those 100 relevant jobs, you would need to spend 100 hours on the internet, conducting jobsearches on dozens of jobsites. That is 4 hours daily ! That is like throwing your dice 10,000 times !

Please don’t.

Instead, register on World-Wide-Jobs.com and specify your “job-preferences”. Then sit back & relax.

World-Wide-Jobs will deliver to you,

Ø 5/10 relevant job-alerts
Ø everyday
Ø as SMS on your mobile

And then, when you send from your mobile an SMS [ JAM < Job Codes > on 8484 ], we will deliver your resume (as email), to the concerned job-advertiser, in matter of seconds-long before your 1499 competitors manage to do so !

If you want an interview-call in next 7 days, don’t take a chance. Register on


With regards,

Hemen Parekh.


Dear Friend,

Ignore this message if you are  NOT looking for a job or if you are happy with your current job.

But then, you may have friends who are desperately looking for jobs ( or for job-change), and don’t know what to do.

Tell them to register on World-Wide-Jobs

Tell them to stop searching for jobs and let jobs from all over the world come searching for them, everyday, wherever they happen to be, on their mobile phones, as job-alert SMS.

But that is not all.

By sending from their mobile, an SMS [JAM < Job Codes > on 8484 ], they can email their resumes, instantly to the job-advertiser and get confirmation too !

But it is also possible that your friends have already Registered and are no more desperate !

Wonder why they did not inform you about World-Wide-Jobs ? Perhaps they think you are contented with your current job ! May be they don’t know what job-alert will get delivered on your mobile, tomorrow !

With regards

Hemen Parekh


Dear Friend,

Is your resume amongst 90 million resumes on 40, 000 jobsites, waiting to be discovered by some recruitment manager, conducting a “Resume Search”?

Then there are some 16 million job-advts posted on these jobsites, also waiting to be discovered by someone like you, while conducting a “Job Search” !

In both these cases, what is the probability of “being discovered” ?

I would say, it is about the same as a person registering with one of the 914 employment exchanges in India and hoping to get an interview call.

With a queue of 42 million unemployed ahead of him, he could reasonably hope the call to materialize after 333 years !

Is there a better/faster alternative ?

Yes. Stop “waiting”.

Register on World-Wide-Jobs

When you do,

Ø    Perfectly matched jobs come “Searching for You” on your mobile, everyday, as job- 
alert SMS.
Ø    You send from your mobile SMS [JAM < Job Codes > on 8484 ] and
World-Wide.Jobs delivers your resume to the concerned job-advertiser in matter of seconds.
Ø    You get instant acknowledgement
Ø    You get an interview call.

When you get an interview-call, forward this email to your friends and tell them  to kiss “Goodbye” to Jobsearch.

Don’t wait to be discovered

With Regards

Hemen Parekh


Dear Friend,

With the arrival of World-Wide-Jobs , jobsearch is dead.

Once you register at WWJ, you will forget the names of jobsites, because

Ø    We aggregate job-advts from dozens of jobsites ( like a Cable TV operator  aggregating
       TV channels)
Ø    From  thousands of job-advts, we deliver the most relevant ones on your mobile (as
Ø    We enable you to “apply online” against any job-alert, by sending from your mobile, an
SMS such as [ JAM < Job Codes > on 8484 ]

If you wish to view 50 TV channels, would you want 50 cables running into your home ?
Or, mount 5 dish antennas on your terrace ?

If your neighborhood Cable Operator makes your life easy, so do we.

Without  30,000 Cable Operators, TV channels could not thrive – and reach 80 million homes.

From dozens of jobsites-which you may not know, even exist – we will deliver relevant jobs on the mobile-phones of 45 million mobile owners.

We are far from being a Terminator !

We are a Germinator – for jobs and jobsites.

With regards

Hemen Parekh


 Dear Friend,

In a job –advt. what matters most – from a jobseeker’s perspective?

·             Company – related Info ?
Products/Services/Plants/People/Processes/Customers/Sales/ etc.

·             Job-related Info ?
Role/Responsibilities/Designation/Skills/Knowledge/Salary etc.

·             Man-Specifications ?
            Age/Exp/Edu.Qualifications/Background etc.

Of course, when you are appearing for an interview, all of these are important to know.

But not when you are only “ applying”.  At that point, all that matters is,

  • Company Name…………….   Is it a well-known/reputed Company ?
  • Position/Designation………..Does this fit my career-goals ?
  • Posting City…………………    Am I ready to re-settle there ?
  • Salary………………………. Is that attractive enough ?
  • Man-specs…………………...Do I meet Age/Exp/Edu. criteria for this job ?
Afterall, an application is no more than  your “expression of interest”, as far as the prospective employer is concerned.

When you register on World-Wide-Jobs, we deliver to you only this bare minimum info.

  • As a job-alert SMS on your  mobile, wherever you happen to be
  • Everyday ( for 5/10 jobs )
  • As per your job-preferences ( only relevant jobs )

But that is not what matters most !

What matters most to you is that, when against any of these job-alerts you send an SMS [JAM < Job Codes > on 8484 ] from your mobile, we email your resume to the advertiser in matter of seconds. And simultaneously email the complete job-advt to you. So you can read the details before appearing for an interview.

With regards

Hemen Parekh


Dear Friend,

Microsoft and Google have News Feed services. Their common features are:

Ø Aggregating
Downloading “news” items from more than 4500 online newspapers / magazines.

Ø User preferences
Enabling users to decide what kind of “news” they wish to receive (eg. political / sports / business etc.)

Ø Easily Digestible
3-4 line summaries which tell you the whole story in a nutshell [ enormous saving of time,] giving you time to cover many interesting stories.

Of course, World-Wide-Jobs.com also,

Ø “Downloads / aggregates” job-advts posted on numerous jobsites

Ø Enables you to prescribe your “Job-Preferences” in minute details

Ø Delivers to you job-alerts (on your mobile) in “easily digestible” SMS form – everyday / wherever you happen to be.

But we take you TWO STEPS further when you register on  World-Wide-Jobs.com   to receive job-alerts, viz:

Ø We deliver your job-alerts on your mobile phones (not on a PC)

Ø You can “interact” with any job-alert ! We deliver your resume to concerned job-advertiser, when you simply send an SMS [JAM < Job Codes > on 8484 ].

When you want a job (or a job-change), you too must stay 2 steps ahead of your competing co-professionals !

Register now. It is absolutely FREE.

With Regards,

Hemen Parekh


Dear Friend,

Your need is simple. You need your first job or a next better job. Just one need.

But your problems are many.

How to find that job ? Where to find that job ? How to apply ? What to highlight in your resume ? How to ensure that your resume gets noticed amongst hundreds of  competing resumes and gets read ?

Here is how.

Just register on World-Wide-Jobs. Post your resume and validate it. Submit your job preferences ( the kind of job you are searching ).

Then watch “how” change to “wow” ! How ?

Ø You start getting daily job-alert SMS on your mobile – WOW !

Ø You “ Apply Online” by simple sending from your mobile, SMS [ JAM < Job Codes > on 8484 ] – WOW !

Ø You get instant acknowledgement on your mobile that your resume has been delivered to the concerned jobadvertiser – WOW !

At this state, you may ask yourself,

“ How come I did not come to know about World-Wide-Jobs so far ?”

You know NOW !

With regards

Hemen Parekh


Dear Friend,

That is why they ask you to enter your jobsearch criteria again and again and again, everytime you log-in to conduct a jobsearch. 
Now imagine doing this everyday on 10/20/30 jobsites !

A pure pain in the neck and in fingers too !

Want to get rid of  this pain, once and for all ?

Just register at World-Wide-Jobs  and enter your job-preference ONCE. That’s right - only once.

World-Wide-Jobs will remember your job preferences, for ever, and deliver to you 5/10 perfectly matching jobs, everyday, on your mobile phone ( as SMS).

Then to remove the pain from your fingers, just a simple SMS from your mobile [ JAM < Job Codes > on 8484 ] will deliver your resume ( email) to the concerned job-advertiser !

Sounds great ?

There is nothing comparable, anywhere on the Web.

That is not all.

World-Wide-Jobs, will remember, every “send’ click you make against every job-alert sent on your mobile, and create your “Job Preference Profile” ( Cities-Companies-Functions-Skills-Positions etc.).

If  Amazon.com can recommend to you

- other books by same author
- other books on same subject ,

we can do one better, by recommending to you,

- similar/identical Vacancies in other Companies.
- similar/identical Vacancies in other Cities/Countries.

World-Wide-Jobs  is not a jobsite.  It remembers !

With regards

Hemen Parekh


Dear Friend,

When you post your resume on 30 jobsites, a Recruitment Manager conducts “ Resume Search” and finds your resume on all 30 jobsites. Great ?

Ever wondered, what he is thinking?

“ This guy must be desperate.”

Obviously such thinking is not good for you. Your resume is not supposed to be like a statue in a shop-window, which every passerby can look at from every angle !

There is no reason, why any Recruitment Manager should get to see your resume – unless YOU say so.

When you register at World-Wide-Jobs.com , no Recruitment Manager can look at your resume because, there is no resume-search ! There is no jobsearch either !

But when you register, perfectly matching jobs will get delivered to you as job alerts (SMS ) on your mobile phone - only fresh jobs, day after day. And, your resume will get delivered (email) to that job-advertiser, the moment you send an SMS such as

JAM < Job Codes > on 8484

On World-Wide-Jobs.com , you decide who  should see your resume – and when , and why.

When jobs come searching for you on your mobile everyday, there is no reason to appear
“ desperate” !

With regards

Hemen Parekh


Dear Friend,

Although we have a copy of your resume ( - received from diverse sources),  we would not know, whether you are still looking for a job or a job change.

But if you do,

Ø    Stop posting your resume on dozens of jobsites
Ø    Stop conducting jobsearch on all those jobsites


Ø    Let jobs come searching for you – as job alert SMS  on your mobile phone
Ø    To forward your resume to any job  advertiser, simply send as SMS from your mobile
            JAM < Job Codes > on 8484 (Even if the employer is located halfway around the World)
Ø    Get instant acknowledgment.

What you need to do ?

Ø    Just one last time, register on World-Wide-Jobs.com
Ø    Say one last goodbye to jobsearch
Ø    Share your discovery with your friends by forwarding this email to them ( - and keep counting the no. of  “THANKS PAL” SMS received on your mobile)

And  since there is NO RESUME SEARCH feature on World-Wide-Jobs.com , no one can see/view your resume unless you click on your mobile !

Shape your own destiny !

With regards

Hemen Parekh


Dear Friend,

Looking for a job ? or a job-change ?

But tired of searching for jobs on dozens of jobsites, day after day after day ?

That is yesterday’s method – painful, costly, time-consuming. And still no job !

Now you have a better option. Register on World-Wide-Jobs.

After that never visit any jobsite again.

Stop Searching for jobs.

Let jobs come searching for you, everyday, wherever you happen to be, as job-alert SMS on your mobile phone, from all over the world.

Then, when you see an interesting job-alert on our mobile, simply send an SMS [JAM < Job Codes > on 8484 ] to email your resume to that job-advertiser. And get instant confirmation too !

That is to-day’s method.

Perhaps most of your friends have already registered.  Worth checking out.

Future does not arrive. You have to reach there.

With regards

Hemen Parekh