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Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.
There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

With regards,
Hemen Parekh
27 June 2013

Sunday, 5 December 2010


5 Dec 2010

77  year  Old  Launches   his    7th   Job-portal

Hemen Parekh, Director - RecruitGuru, had launched his 1st job-portal ( www.3pConsultants.co.in ) on 14 Nov. 1997.

12 years and a bypass surgery later, the Die-Hard launches


his 7th job-portal ; and wishes he was 17. That would have made news !

Because this is not yet another resume re-writing service !

 It is nothing less than an experience that will change the rules of the Recruitment Industry !

 CustomizeResume is all about empowering a jobseeker.

 When a jobseeker posts his plain text resume on this job-portal, it gets converted ( online  / automatically / instantly ) into graphs. These are:

  • Functional Competence Profiles
  • Educational profile
  • Career profile
  • Tenure profile
  • Salary profile                etc.

Each graph displays a jobseeker's Relative Standing vis-à-vis his co-professionals and answers his question :

 Where do I stand amongst my peers ?

Next, CustomizeResume.com enables the jobseeker to re-arrange the order / sequence of these graphs online and in a matter of seconds. With 8 Personal Analytic Graphs, he can create 40,320  unique versions of his resume through permutations / combinations !

By saving / storing these versions online, a jobseeker can now Apply Online, using the version which is most relevant to a given corporate recruiter. It is like dressing most appropriately for the occasion- where each occasion demands a different dress !

With the arrival of CustomizeResume.com, recruiters will stop reading plain text resumes ; they will start interpreting personal analytical profiles ! The best way to experience the power of customization is to take a  Free Trial  on the job portal.

CustomizeResume.com was launched on Nov, 14th 2009 at Mumbai (India).

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep
And miles to go before I sleep"
-- Robert  Frost

For Additional Information, contact


Monday, 1 November 2010


1 Nov 2010


Thank you for sending your resume.

If you want to

  • Stop sending your resume to Recruitment Agencies

  • Stop posting your resume on many jobsites

  • Stop conducting job-searches

  • Let jobs come searching for you

  • Get job-alerts on your mobile

  • Apply for any alert directly from your mobile

  • Stop depending on a PC / Internet connection

And get this service absolutely FREE,

then, right now send an SMS


If you like our services, do recommend to your friends / colleagues.

With regards


Tuesday, 12 October 2010


12 Oct 2010


RecruitGuru has launched 7 job-portals over the past 12 years, starting with  www.3pconsultants.co.in   on 14 Nov.1997.

On 14 Nov.2009 , we launched

This job-portal will
·     Convert a plain text resume into 7/8 " Graphical Analytics"  automatically / instantly / online
·     Enable a jobseeker to create ( online and within a matter of seconds ), thousands of unique  " Versions " of his resume , by rearranging these graphs
·     Allow the jobseeker to " Save / Store " any of these versions to " Apply  Online "
·     Display his  " Salary  Graph " in Euro / US Dollar / Pound etc. for easy comprehension by foreign recruiters

All of our services to both jobseekers and to the recruiters are free
We expect that before too long, all job-portals will copy our " Customization  Process " and establish a " New  Order  " in Recruitment Industry. 


Saturday, 4 September 2010


4 Sep 2010


Aim of Job Alert Channel is to take job-alerts to every jobseeker.

There could be 4 jobseekers in a family. Each would want job alerts which perfectly match his / her respective resume.

Hence, thru same Subscriber ID / unique Set-top Box No., we should be able to deliver individualized / personalized alerts to each.

Can be done.

While registering on www.bigtv.co.in , each will enter

  • Personal / individual mobile no.,   but

  • Common Subscriber ID / Set-top Box no. belonging to family.

Immediately upon registration, following message will flash:

“Your unique PEN (Permanent Executive Number) is ……………“.

 Whenever you want to see your job-alerts, send following SMS;

 “ JAT< space > PEN < space > Subscriber ID “


BigTV Short code “

This would enable our server to deliver to Reliance Server, job alerts for that particular member of that family.

And from that BigTV prepaid a/c, Re.1/- will get deducted.

I have no doubt, such micro-payment will encourage

·     All job seeking family members to register

·     Daily viewing by each family member

Very likely, a Big TV Subscriber will turn this into a business opportunity.

By inviting job seeking neighbors (who do not have a BigTV subscription), to avail of this facility for Rs.2 /-  !

Then there is following logic in asking for a inclusion of “Subscriber ID “in the SMS :

Let us say Dilip is a registered jobseeker having BigTV subscription.

He is visiting his friend Manoj who is also a BigTV subscriber.

Dilip will send an SMS as described above but type Manoj’s Subscriber Id.

We will deliver Dilip’s job-alerts at Manoj’s residence !

So, Dilip can “ access “ his job-alerts on TV Set of any BigTv Subscriber, anywhere , anytime ! He need not remain tethered to his home !

Of course, you will debit Re.1/- to such BigTV  subscriber who permits his TV set to be used for “ accessing “ job-alerts.

I would not be surprised if 100,000 + CyberCafes of India buy a BigTV Subscription and turn into BigTV JobCafes !

Hemen  Parekh  

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


13 July 2010


Mr. Sridhar Seshadri
Head of Online Sales and Operation
Google India
Dear Mr. Seshadri ,

“ Google gets into business consulting for SMEs ”

I refer to this article in  DNA Money ( July, 05,2010 ), where you say,

“ My discussion is mostly on what kind of topline and bottomline is he looking at. I start from this perspective and work backwards. The moment you get it, they love it.”

We are a small company ( staff of 2 ) and struggling to build traffic to our website


                       ( Do visit   Google  loves  us )

And we have no money to spend on Google Adwords , since all of our online services are free, both to jobseekers and to recruiters. No revenue for last 7 years !

Lack of funds was also the reason I had to shut down my earlier websites :

And  www.IndiaRecruiter.net  is struggling to survive !

I wonder if you can help.


Saturday, 10 July 2010


10 July 2010


Thanks for registering on   www.customizeresume.com .  I wish you a challenging future career.

If you have any questions, feel free to phone me

       (off)  91-022-670,70,360   (9am - 1pm)

       (Mobile)  Mumbai – 98,67,55,08,08

In the meantime, here are a few suggestions,

    >   Your Text Resume :

It must be attractively formatted so that it catches the attention of the recruiter and gets short-listed for interview call.

You may go through  SAMPLE  on the Jobseeker Registration page. 

You will find many more, excellent examples, by typing in Google,

> " Resume Sample / Resume Format / Resume Template "

> " Resume Writing Tips "

>   Your Raw Score :

This is the total of the weight ages of the " Function / Skill " related keywords found in your Text Resume. You can now see these keywords when you select your Primary Function / Skill in Jobseeker Registration form.

I cannot tell you what these weightings are, but feel free to download our software tool Resume Rater   from our sister website, www.indiarecruiter.net
Then use it to " rate " your own resume ( some 22,000 + recruiters around the world are using  Resume Rater  to rate and arrange resumes in the descending order of Raw Scores assigned.)
If you find your Raw Score is low, you need to re-write your text resume by incorporating additional keywords which truly indicate your experience / expertise. Remember, these keywords will get highlighted and the recruiters are bound to ask you questions about these during the interview ! So, avoid stuffing the resume with irrelevant keywords.
The very first thing a recruiter will notice is your " Function / Skill Graph ", where your " Standing " amongst your Co-Professionals  is indicated , thru your  Percentile Score.

If Percentile Score is low, most recruiters may not bother to even read your text resume !

If your Raw Score / Percentile Score are low, first improve these by editing (re-writing ) your text resume and then only Blast your Resume.

So, download and use  Resume Rater.

>   Your Seniority :

If you are a very Senior / Highly Experienced  executive, you may not want to " Blast your Resume " or even " Apply Online ".

You may like to be very selective / discreet.

To you, I suggest following :

·       Without Blasting your Resume, you can download Email ID's of reputed Headhunters ( Recruitment Agencies ), by logging-in on our page ,

Then, email to them your  Graphical / Analytical / Customized resume in strict confidence, with instructions, not to forward it to any of their clients without prior consultation with you.

>   Look-up     http://www.era.org.in/Members.aspx,
Here you will find full contact details of India's most reputed headhunters city-wise , indicating their area of specialization.

Then phone-up the CEO and tell him the kind of opportunity that you are searching. He will be happy to help you.

And one good thing  -  none of them charge any fees to the candidates ! It is part of their " Code of Conduct ".
If I am not in the office, you can talk to my colleagues,
   >  Alexander Nadar   ( For portal related matters )

   >  Chandrakant Thakur  (For headhunting related matters )

Hemen  Parekh

Thursday, 27 May 2010


27 May 2010


·           Your latest “ matched jobs “ are ready.

·           Just login at www.CustomizeResume.com

·           Look-up “ MY  ALERT “ page

·           Apply Online

·           “ Matched Jobs “ are replaced with the latest every morning in ” MY ALERT ” page

·           We are matching your “ Job Preferences “ with 2000 + fresh jobs every morning to deliver you the best

·           Oblige your friends by forwarding this mail to your mailing list. Request your friends to do the same. Spread hope


Monday, 24 May 2010


24 May 2010


Dear  Jobseeker

Which jobs promise you a best chance of getting an interview call?

These are jobs in your own / current

  • Industry  (  or similar Industries  )

  • Function / Skill  area

Remember , Recruiters will read only those resumes which belong to their own Industry / Function-Skill area.

So, in the first instance, select matrix

                      Industry  Vs  Function

Then, within the search results, narrow down to those jobs which offer a Designation-Level which is at least equal to or better than your own / current designation level.

But if you are not particular about " Industry " and wish to project your functional / skill expertise, select matrix

                       Function  Vs  Designation Level

For those who feel frustrated with their current " Function/Skill" area and keen to acquire a different " role ", I recommend matrix

                       Industry  Vs  Designation Level

Magic Cube Search is your quickest way to get an interview call !

With regards


Wednesday, 19 May 2010


19 May 2010

Are you hard pressed for time to search for jobs on dozens of job-portals ?

If so, you may want to try  Magic  Cube  Job–Search

why should it take you more than 2 minutes to zero-in on your ideal job ? – even with 200,000 + jobs aggregated from several sources .

We value your time – so we developed

With regards



19 May 2010


Are you hard pressed for time to search for jobs on dozens of job-portals ?

If so, you may want to try  Magic  Cube  Job–Search

why should it take you more than 2 minutes to zero-in on your ideal job ? – even with 200,000 + jobs aggregated from several sources .

We value your time – so we developed

Hemen Parekh


19 May 2010


Are you hard pressed for time to search for jobs on dozens of job-portals ?

If so, you may want to try  Magic  Cube  Job–Search

why should it take you more than 2 minutes to zero-in on your ideal job ? – even with 200,000 + jobs aggregated from several sources .

We value your time – so we developed

Hemen Parekh

Thursday, 29 April 2010


29 April 2010


Recruitment Managers / Recruitment Agencies around the world, dread the following scenario :

Boss ( or Client ) :

" Find me a best sales executive within the next hour "

Of course, there are thousands of resumes in the hard disk of every recruitment manager, including the resume of that " best sales executive “ .

Problem is :

 It will take 6 days to open / read even a few hundred resumes – let alone a few thousands ! How to find that " best " resume in one hour ?

No recruitment manager need worry about such a perfectly reasonable demand !

All she has to do is to download ( free and without login ),
                               " Resume  Rater "

from almost any website listed on the very first page of Google search-results. And if she is in a hurry, she can simply click,” I’m Feeling Lucky” after typing “Resume Rater” in Google !
Then " rate " all those thousands of resumes on the hard disk for ” function = Sales ".There is no need to “rate” these resumes one at a time, if ALL resumes are stored in one folder. Simply upload the entire folder.

The " best " sales-executive's resume will automatically get listed on the TOP of the search results – within a few minutes.

Of course, the Recruitment Manager / Recruitment Agency runs the risk of many more "  reasonable " demands from the Boss / Client !

No problem ! Simply re-rate the entire folder for “function=xyz” – and wait for few more minutes !