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27 June 2013

Friday, 15 July 2005


World-Wide-Jobs is Job-Nirvana

What problems does he face ?
World-Wide-Jobs (WWJ)
How does it solve these problems ?
There are 2,50,000 Job-Advts on 200 + Indian jobsites. Some 10,000 new advts are being added daily. It is physically impossible for a jobseeker to visit a large no. of jobsites daily and conduct dozens of jobsearches.  
WWJ, aggregates job-advts posted on dozens of jobsites during last 24 hours & creates a consolidated “Jobs database”. A new / fresh database gets created DAILY.

 A jobseeker must enter his “job-preferences” again & again at each jobsite that he visits – everyday.

A jobseeker enters his “job-preferences” on WWJ only once. These are used for matching of job-advts. Of course, he can come back and “Edit” his job-preferences anytime .
On “Job Alert Preview (JAP)” page of WWJ, he can “experiment” with various “permutations & combinations” of job-preferences, until his “refinement” results in best-matched jobs. Then, he freezes these job-preferences for getting job-alerts on his mobile-phone.

 Jobsearches on different jobsites, not only throw-up widely different results but hundreds of irrelevant jobs. This is due to each jobsite using
  • different search-criteria
  • different search-logic
  • different definitions of “Industry / Function / Designation” etc.


By creation of a “structured job-advt database” from all jobs downloaded from all jobsites and applying identical search-criteria / logic / definitions, WWJ manages to match & shortlist, much more relevant jobs.
WWJ also ensures that all alerts are not from jobs posted on one site. It ensures that matching jobs from several sites get delivered as alerts SMS. Duplicate job-alerts get eliminated automatically.

DELIVERY (Job-Alerts + Resumes)

 A jobseekers must go in search of jobs, hopping from jobsite to jobsite. He needs a PC & Internet connection.
He gets tied to a desk.
He is rendered immobile !
To be able to “apply online”, he must deposit his resume at each jobsite (-and very often, by filling up widely differing forms).


By delivering job-alerts on mobile-screen (as SMS), WWJ ends the tyranny of PC / Internet. It liberates the jobseeker from “wires”. He can receive job-alerts even while traveling in a car or a train !
Now he needs to deposit his resume, only on WWJ (- and only a plain text resume ! ).
He can “apply online” by a single “SEND” click on his mobile, from wherever he happens to be and at anytime of his choice.
This is interactivity at its best – the ultimate convenience for a jobseeker who is hard-pressed for time. JAM (Job Alert on Mobile) converts the handset into a “Transaction Tool” of M-Commerce. 
There is also instant acknowledgement of “resume-delivery”, so the “information feedback loop” is completed.


Jobsearches on jobsites throw-up jobs which were posted 30/60 days ago-and, which are most likely already filled-up, at the time of searching ! A hell of a lot of effort / time gets wasted.


WWJ delivers to a candidate, alerts for only those jobs which got posted on dozens of jobsites during last 24 hours. Never stale / already – filled jobs, posted 30/60 days back (not even 2 days back !)This feature ensures that a jobseeker will never miss, a single matching job - and will never fail to click “apply online” – (for fear of never being able to see that job again !)


Middle / Senior level executives are most reluctant to post their resumes on a large no. of jobsites, where any corporate subscriber can see / view their resumes. In India, there is a considerable stigma attached to “jobsearching”. It is considered “unethical / disloyal” to current employer, besides raising ugly rumours and spoiling an executive’s career in his present job !

WWJ assures a jobseeker the ultimate in privacy / confidentiality, since WWJ has neither any Corporate Subscribers, nor there is a “Resume Search” feature.
Through JAM, a jobseeker decides
  • Who will see his resume
  • When
  • Why
when he clicks “Apply Online” on his mobile.


How will it work ?

·          This is a variation of JAM. Here, in the  “ Job Preference” Form, a jobseeker will specify name / names of only those companies, whose job-advts he wants to receive, as alert. Other “ Match- criteria” such as “ City / Function / Designation- Level / Exp” etc may still remain / apply.

Now only jobs advertised by those companies (on any partner jobsite) will get delivered to him as alerts.

Who benefits and how ?

·          A choosey candidate benefits by narrowing down his choice / preference to a few top / well- known / reputed employers, rather than hundreds of companies operating in any particular industry. He does not wish to get inundated with alerts from these second- rung / also – ran companies.

·          By charging Rs. 10 /- per such alert / apply online, Mobile service Provider too, will benefit, for this SUPER PREMIUM SMS

Resume Alert Broadcast [ RAB ]

How will it work?

·          The only difference between RAM and RAB is that

Ø RAM aggregates all matching resumes posted during last 24 hours (on all partner websites) and delivers these profiles to Recruitment Managers, once a day, on their mobiles.


Ø   RAB delivers the suitable candidate’s profile to concerned Recruitment Manager WITHIN 5 MINUTES of that resume getting posted on any partner jobs file!

No Duplicates! No more writing! Grab the candidate before your competitor grabs him!

Who will benefit and How ?

·          The main beneficiaries are the recruitment Managers, who are expected to “ Fill that vacancy yesterday “!

·          Mobile Service Providers will also benefit, because of thousands of PULL (MO) SMS from these Recruitment Managers, requesting delivery of full resume through email.
Resume Alert Mobile [ RAM ]
How will it work ?

·         This is reverse of JAM. Here, a Corporate Recruitment Manager tells us (through “Resume Preference” Form):

  “ Whenever you come across resumes, which match my resume-preference criteria, please send me, once-a-day, 160 character (SMS) profiles of all such candidates on my mobile. Then whichever profiles I like, I will ask you to deliver to me, the full resume, by sending to WWJ, a PULL SMS (MO) as

RAM < PEN NO > 8282 [or any short code]

I don’t want to wait for conducting a resume – search (which is, in any case, absent on WWJ) OR wait till a jobseeker “ Applies online “

Who will it benefit and how ?

·         This is a great convenience to Recruitment Managers. They have to enter their “ Resume Preferences “ only ONCE on WWJ. Then forget PC / Intranet! Now, profiles of perfectly “matched” candidates are delivered on his mobile, once-a-day, wherever the manager may happen to be. MSP’s benefit through increased revenue.

Receiving SMS job–alerts on Mobile,
without submitting resume on WWJ

How will it work ?

·         Senior Executives will “ Register “ and enter their “ Job Preferences “ on WWJ, without submitting themselves to senior to “ Apply Online ” but they are very much interested to know what / how many interesting jobs (at their level) are coming up in the market.

Everyday, WWJ will send them job-alert SMS which match their declared “Job – Alert “ SMS which match their declared “ Job – Preferences “

Who benefits and how ?

·           Of course, these senior executives will benefit. Upon receiving an interesting job – alert SMS, most likely, they will get in touch with a Headhunter and ask him to make discreet inquiry with the advertising company re: his suitability, without, at this stage, revealing his identity.
Job Advt Broadcast [ JAB ]

How will JAB work ?

·         In normal course, WWJ will aggregate all “ matching “ job–advts, for past 24 hours and then send the job-alert SMS on the next day to each JAM subscriber.

However, Corporate HR managers are under tremendous pressure to fill -up vacancies within days. They cannot afford to wait “ passively “. They want their job-advts to reach “ suitable “ candidates WITHIN HOURS.

Under JAB, jobs posted on our partner jobsites will get delivered to “ suitable “ JAM subscribers (as SMS) WITHIN 15 MINUTES of getting posted.

Who benefits and how ?

·         Corporate employers benefit because their jobs will reach hundreds or thousands of “ Matching “ candidates within minutes of posting their advertisements and start receiving resumes within 30 minutes.

·         Jobseekers will get to know of interesting jobs immediately and be first in the queue of applicants by applying online ( - and generating revenue for service provider)

Job Alerts for Clerical Staff / Factory Workers /
Retailing Staff etc.

How will it work?

·         Concept of JAM (Job Alerts On Mobile) will stay the same.
However, for each of these “ categories “, the “Job-Preference” forms and the “Submit-Resume” Forms, will be multiple-choice drop lists and much more narrowly structured.

These will be matched against the “ Classified “ recruitment advts appearing on jobsites, as well as in newspapers (with whom we will tie-up)

Delivery of job-alerts will be as SMS.
Same with “Apply Online“ (MO) SMS.

Who will benefit and how ?

·         From large cities and rich people, mobiles are moving to small towns and (relatively) poor people- to reach 200 million by 2008. Most of these mobiles will belong to categories of jobseekers described here.

For these millions, today, there is an “asymmetry of job-related information“. JAM will provide them with a level-playing-field vis-à-vis their urban counterparts. Now, they will have “access” to jobs, around the country. 
Jobs from USA - UK - CANADA etc.

How will it work ?

·         Currently WWJ downloads / aggregates jobs getting posted on major Indian jobsites (during past 24 hours). We have already developed software to download jobs from American job portals.
     Soon, we will offer / send job-alerts for vacancies in Microsoft / GE / Computer Associate / Oracle/ CISCO/ DELL etc. etc.

     And, Indian IT / ITES professionals, working in Chennai/ Bangalore/ Gurgaon/ Hyderabad/ Mumbai/ Pune etc. (some 850,000?) will get these alerts on their mobiles and will be able to “apply online” to these American Employers, right from their mobiles, halfway across the World

Who will benefit and how ?

·         Biggest beneficiaries will be Indian IT professionals (all of whom, anyway want to migrate to USA!) For a mere Rs. 3/-, they will be able to get their resumes emailed within minutes, to American employers.

·         Mobile Service Providers, too will benefit

Hemen Parekh


Service Feature

Feature Available on




Aggregation of Jobs from Dozens of jobsites (ensuring a wide choice of jobs to subscribers)


Delivering latest jobs only (those posted during last 24 hours only)

Duplication of job-alerts ?
(Never Duplicate Alerts)

(Duplication Possible)
Need to visit a no. of jobsites daily to conduct job search ?

(Downloading jobs from dozens of jobsites)

(Naukri will only match with its own HOT jobs section)

Delivery of only relevant
jobs ?

(Only those matching a jobseekers declared job-preferences)

(“Matching” done with resume)


Need to deposit resume on a no. of jobsites ?

Can a recruiter conduct
“ resume-search” and get to see the resume ?
(Absolute Privacy)

(Corporate subscribers can see any resume)

Process Complexity
(Absolutely Simple)

SMS involved:
·     List Naukri
·     More Naukri
·     Apply Naukri

All Pertinent Information in SMS, to enable jobseeker to take on-the-spot decision (whether to apply or not)

(SMS includes junk contained in first 160 characters)

Hemen Parekh


 There is no issue as to what JAM owns and why. The reason is obvious-
World-Wide-Jobs is NOT a Jobsite !
Sr. No.
How JAM justifies OWNERSHIP of this attribute ?
Downloading jobs from dozens of jobsites.
Downloads only jobs posted during last 24 hrs.
Never tires; Works automatically 24X365.
Delivers only perfectly matching jobs.
Door – Delivery
Delivers jobs on your mobile-wherever you happen to be.
You are no more tethered to your PC !
Simple / Cool
Ultimate convenience of applying online from your mobile.
No one can ever see your resume ! Only you decide WHO will see it, WHEN & WHY.
Paradigm Shift
Stop searching for jobs ! Let jobs come searching for you !
You pay for only what you use.
Internet + Mobile Networks.
M – Commerce
Transforming a handset into a “tool” for B2C mobile transactions

Hemen Parekh