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27 June 2013

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


5 April 2011


City – wise  Job Search

Hemen Parekh, Director – RecruitGuru [ Mumbai ], announced the launch of a new job search feature,

City-wise  Job Search

on their website   www.CustomizeResume.com .

Explaining the rationale behind this feature, Hemen said :

  • India produces more than 3.5 million college graduates each year

  • With a very strong joint family system, these graduates are obliged to stay close to their families and look after their elders

  • This family consideration compels them to search for jobs in their own town or in nearby towns

  • For these graduates, the type of job is unimportant. It could be in any industry / function and offering any position / salary. All that matters to them is location / posting city

  • This tendency to move as close to parent’s hometown as possible, is so strong that even for senior executives employed for over 15 years, this is often the main reason for seeking a job change !

Hemen admits that this consideration will weaken over the coming years as improvements in telecom and travel infrastructure enable Indians to quickly and frequently get in touch with their elders anywhere.

With more than 225,000 jobs made searchable across 500 + towns by city-names, on www.CustomizeResume.com , Hemen thinks, this city wise job search feature will fulfill, the most relevant job search parameter for 3.5 million graduates.

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