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Even as I launch this today ( my 80th Birthday ), I realize that there is yet so much to say and do.
There is just no time to look back, no time to wonder,"Will anyone read these pages?"

With regards,
Hemen Parekh
27 June 2013

Saturday, 18 December 2004


“ JAM Follows TOM ”


World-Wide-Jobs is  Job-Nirvana ! ( JAM )
Ø Never a “missed” program

Ø Never a “missed” job
Ø No need for a TV set
Ø No need for a PC
Ø No need for a Cable
Ø No need for Internet connection
Ø Handset available all the time
Ø Handset available all the time
Ø TV-on-Mobile ( TOM )
Ø Job-Alert – on – Mobile ( JAM )
Ø Aggregates content from 13 TV channels
Ø Aggregates job-advts from dozens of jobsites.
Ø Content
News/Current Affairs/Business/Sports/Fashion/Travel/ Entertainment

Ø Content
Job-Info ( News you can use )
Ø Handset -  EDGE enabled
Ø Handset – Plain/ Basic GSM OR CDMA
Ø See “While-On-The-Move” ( Car/Train )
Ø See “While-On-The-Move” ( Car/Train )
Ø Fixed Monthly Subscription of Rs. 99
Ø Anywhere, between Rs. 2 to 5 for “ Value SMS”.
4 hours of normal TV viewing condensed to 20 minutes of video-clips
From thousands of job-advts, only 10 perfectly matched jobs delivered on mobile as SMS.

Ø Content edited and delivered in “digestible” form
Ø Content condensed to easily digestible 160 characters SMS – covering all salient info  needed by a jobseeker to decide, whether to apply or not.

Ø Service available in 11 states
Ø JAM can be delivered to the entire network of  any mobile service provider

Ø Need permission/agreement of TV channels
Ø No. permission/agreement needed to download job-advts from jobsites, since

è Job-advts are “public domain” data.
è Jobsites actually encourage free download and re-distribution of job-advts amongst a large no. of jobseekers ( Email A friend ) – which is in the interest of corporate job-advertisers

Ø TV content is constantly updated. You get the latest content
Ø Same with JAM – NO stale job-advts. Only job-advts posted on various jobsites during the last 24 hours, are aggregated and delivered as job-alerts.

Ø Hutch has set up a full-fledged studio to edit content from 13 channels round the clock, convert it into a format compatible for mobile handsets and then post on HutchWorld/OrangeWorld GPRS sites.
Ø Our Application Delivery Centre works round the clock to

è Download job advts from dozens of jobsites
è Convert to a unified structured database
è Match jobs with a candidate’s job-preferences
è Shortlist and deliver matched jobs on the networks of various mobile service providers
è When any subscriber clicks “SEND” on any job-alert, deliver his resume ( as email ) to the concerned job-advertiser

Ø Interactivity/Freedom from Wires/Convenience
Ø Interactivity/Freedom from Wires/Convenience

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