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27 June 2013

Monday, 22 March 2010


22 March 2010

     Launching Magic Cube Job Search

For jobseekers around the world, searching for their dream-jobs has always been , a pain-in-the-neck.

No more, with the launch of Magic Cube Job – Search at


Despite a database of 100,000 + jobs, Magic Cube Job-Search locates a jobseeker’s ideal job within 2 minutes !

And when she “ Applies Online “, it takes CustomizeResume less than a second to forward her resume to the concerned employer !

Even though this feature does not call for “Rocket–Science“,
question remains :

“ Why are job-portals bent upon making a jobseeker’s life miserable ? Don’t job-portals have any better ways to make their sites sticky ? “

But then we don’t mind if jobseekers find their ideal jobs on

and “ Apply Online “ within 2 minutes and quit !

Magic Cube Job Search makes this possible by organising its entire jobs database along the following matrices:

·     Industry vs Function
·     Industry vs Designation level
·     Function vs Designation level

Industry / Function / Designation level are the three most important factors which dictate the selection of any given job by a jobseeker.

For Additional Info Contact:


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